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Saving lives!

For 88 years

Over 88 years of experience in managing the national healthcare strategy for special requests in order to prevent the lack of medicinal products in the national distribution network of Romanian Ministry of Health.

Corporate transparency

Alongside the genuine interest for the public’s well-being, we believe that another important factor is the Corporate Transparency (“Decision-Make Transparency”).

Unifarm provides to the public all the documents covered by “Corporate Transparency Law“.


Before you start taking any medicine, it is important to inform yourself about it.

Also, it is essential to participate in sharing any information about adverse events that occurred during your medication or after.

We encourage you to use our Pharmacovigilance Department.

We have our own fleet of vans ready to deliver medicines, in a temperature controlled environment, nationwide.

Vans are temperature tracked, equipped with Data-Loggers, designed for transporting medicines and vaccines from our cold store to the various destinations.

5000 sqm of storage space at Headquarters in Bucharest. UNIFARM store all medicinal products in temperature controlled rooms and refrigerators.

The storage facilities are equipped with cutting-edge technology for monitoring and controlling the temperature and humidity as well as the physical access in order to prevent unauthorized intrusion.


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